Claps but no cash for carers
Someone recently questioned the state of morale in the NHS and its fair to say it is currently at rock bottom. Taking pay aside for the moment.
At the Mid Yorks trust where the boss works, guidance from above a few years ago and still current now, it that all annual leave should be taken in a shared model in each of the four financial seasons, in other words 1/4 of their leave from April-June, 1/4 in July-September etc but bearing in mind the automated computer system monitors leave for each department and in the event one person takes off just one day on a given week, due to shortages, someone within the same department could not take a week off but just the remaining 6 days.
The idea of being actually advised when you should take off each 1/4 of your allowance was not popular but understood as the circumstances dictated that otherwise in summer it would be chaos.
Due to the pandemic, last year 2020 it was requested by the staff that their annual leave, which resulted in people taking much needed time off, but to go nowhere due to restrictions, might have some tolerance and perhaps a week might be carried over into the year 2021-2022. The resounding answer was NO.
As morale falls, sickness rates rise and agency staff end up costing the job more than ever.
A certain hospital in the Grimsby area contacted the boss through a forum she is on, to advertise for a Locum Sonographer to cover the entire month of March this year. Monday to Friday, 9 til 5 and offering £50 per hour.
She is on her 'seasonal' annual leave in the last week of March, which means she breaks no rules for working elsewhere, unlike throwing a sickie, which she never does.
Being the tight Yorkshireman, I pointed out that, it was only an hour's travel each way on a quiet motorway and it was a steady day/week for the money. She opted for the week off instead. There's no work in them !!
But, that is where the funding is now going in large amounts. and if they could realise that the troops are already going the 'extra mile' but with no support and do something about it, then add to it a sensible pay rise, they could alleviate a lot of localised problems which soon add up to a National one.
Years ago we know a few locums they said they would work full time again. It's will never stop.


Claps but no cash for carers
Remember when Hancock had a go at footballers? when he said and even using the phrase "my colleagues in the NHS " and their " Ultimate sacrifice"

Matt Hancock said “Given the sacrifices that many people are making, including some of my colleagues in the NHS who have made the ultimate sacrifice... I think the first thing that Premier League footballers can do is make a contribution, take a pay cut and play their part.”

Maybe Hancock should follow the lead of his New Zealand counterparts the Ministers did last year and what he expects footballers to do ....

New Zealand Prime Minister Takes Pay Cut in Solidarity with Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic​

New Zealand's Ardern, ministers take 20% pay cut for six months due to coronavirus impact

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Claps but no cash for carers
Unfortunately Starmers Tory lite aren't much better on this ( surprise surprise)

Their shock horror counter offer after their revulsion at the Tories derisory 1% pay offer at the health workers 12% claim.....is an embarrassing 2.1% recommendation

If you ever wanted confirmation that these 2 elitist parties are 2 cheeks of the same arse- you have it now
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Claps but no cash for carers
I don't think the Labour Party has the authority to put a counter offer not being in power.........

.Nor has any Labour MP put out an actual figure ..... not that I know about anyway.

What Labour has said to the Press if accurately reported or not taken out of context, or dropping "the least" and "then consider more" when they called on the Tory government to at least honour the 2.1% which was in their original plan and then more.

Ms Nandy said "that the government's long-term plan for the NHS originally budgeted a 2.1 per cent pay rise"

“We think they ought to go into these negotiations at a bare minimum of honouring that promise of a 2.1 per cent [increase] and then consider what more they can offer to our NHS staff who have done so much to put their families and themselves at risk every day going into work – some of them have died."

I don't think the Labour Party supporting Union, Unison who is also one of the main Unions fighting on behalf health workers wage rise and back the calls for a Labour Govt, would continue their support if they weren't calling for the best deal for their members they agreed with...

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