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Civil Servants On Strike
This sounds a bit 'Irish' to me, going on strike for the right to strike!!

'Hundreds of thousands of Turkish civil servants across the country are walking off the job to demand the right to strike and higher wages.'




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Civil Servants On Strike
well it is a bit unusal ..to strike for the right to strike ..but this could be the begining..it has to start somewere ..personally i think turkish people ..not only civil servants are highly underpaid..so i am with the civil servants here ..the first ones to strike the hammer:41:


Civil Servants On Strike
Well, as a civil servant here in the UK, I'm on the workers' side. I know it sounds Irish but I do understand what they're getting at.

Just as a matter of interest, there are some civil servants in this country (prison officers) who do not have the right to strike in that if they do take industrial action, the Government takes them to court and threatens imprisonment for the leaders for encouraging industrial action. I'll bet they side with the Turkish workers.

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