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Ciftlik - Eating
A nice local place is Defne Pensiyon.

Family run and with home cooked food. The location is pretty enough and the prices are ok as well. t.hey do offer nice clean rooms as well.

I am not advising anyone to travel miles to visit the place but if you are local/nearby .........

Defne Pansiyon

They are open in the winter and will be enclosed and with a soba.

Another place (worth a bit of a travel maybe) is the Akmaz. Go along the main Dalaman road (Fethiye to Dalaman) and as you are getting to Yaniklar there are 2 spoil heaps on the left and they look like they are constructing a better road. Turn left at that point and keeping left go down to the large co-operative site. As you reach the site take the right hand road which will take you to the beach and the restaurant. Nice beach with a few sunbeds.

We had chicken which was cooked on site inside a large can with potatoes and onions. They lit the fire when we got there and the chicken (big) was cooked in about an hour and was lovely. The meal is simple but tasty and filling and very reasonable. Efes is available :gossip:



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Ciftlik - Eating
These 2 look good. Thanks. We're thinking of buying in Ciftlik. Are there more restaurants than that during the summer? We want village life but we're going to have to rent it out just for August and maybe a week or two in July.


Ciftlik - Eating
As these posts are from 2009 its likely things may have changed since then - if you're considering purchasing then maybe worth an actual look, in person.

If you are "going to have to rent it out" just to be able to afford it, then I'd think again. Rental income is never guaranteed and being reliant on it is a risky strategy.



Ciftlik - Eating

Yes, I did see the year but I wasn't sure how much things had changed. We're coming out later in the year to stay for a couple of weeks and we're going to come out again next year to buy if we like it down there. We're more familiar with the Bodrum Peninsular.

I always put the 'going to have to rent it out' bit too strongly. ;-) We can afford it without. We'd just like to have the luxury of not having to if we can and we probably wouldn't come out in July and August anyway.

Thanks for the advice though. It's great to have found this forum. I've learnt so much already and feel better prepared for our trip.


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