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Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
The Church of England has come out strongly against Britain's three parent baby law just days before a crucial vote in the House of Commons.

The Church had not revealed its opinion on the landmark law till now.

But as MPs vote on Tuesday to pass the legislation that will allow babies being born with three genetic parents in the UK, the Church has called it "irresponsible".

If the new legislation is passed in the Commons next week it will be laid before the House of Lords on February 23.

If successful, the first human trials could take place from October and the first babies born by Autumn 2016.

So next Tuesday, MPs will vote to amend the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 and legalise mitochondrial DNA transfer.
The procedure, which was developed by British scientists, allows IVF clinics to replace an egg's defective mitochondrial DNA with healthy DNA from a female donor, to prevent children suffering debilitating conditions like muscular dystrophy.
It is controversial because it would result in babies having DNA from three people – and effectively, two mothers.

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Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
I heard about this a couple of days ago, a difficult one! I would need to know more about it.

The "extensive public consultation's/opinions conducted over the last 7 years" obviously passed me by?

“The Church appears to have ignored the unprecedented independent scrutiny of scientific, ethical and public opinion about mitochondrial donation conducted over the last seven years.”


Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
If it prevents serious disability in children, then I'm all for it. Funny how the church pokes its nose in things it really knows nothing about.


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Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
Once again a complete irrelevance to daily life. It must be a tenet of faith in all religions that progress must be slowed as much as possible , for as long as it can.

The C of E has nearly rent itself asunder over Lady Bishops , let alone real life in the real world.

They need to make themselves relevant to the people who are turning away in increasing numbers.

Churches closing quicker than supermarkets and burger joints close pubs.


ted j

Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
They still seem to be 50 years behind the times

When Kath and myself wanted to get married (she is Catholic, I'm lapsed Protestant), we had umpteen spats with both families about where we'd get married . To keep the peace , I intervened and put my foot down, saying it was Kath's day and she would choose ..She chose St Marks, her local Catholic church

To comply with their tradition , I had to go with Kath to meet the priest and have "lessons" ..... We toddled along there to meet father Corfield, a chain smoking bigoted arsehole . Within 5 minutes of us being sat down, he made it abundantly clear that Protestants were nowhere near as good in God's eyes as Catholics

He rambled on and every now and then, I'd ask an intelligent question and presumably because all his parishoners never questioned anything he said, came back with "You wouldn't possibly understand that because you're not Catholic" . I stuck it out and we eventually left to him saying at the door "see you next week"

I looked at Kath and when we got in the car, asked her what he'd meant as I was under the impression the "talking to" was a one off thing .She sheepishly said we had to go for 6 weeks and was completeley surprised when I just said "OK, fine"

The next week I was ready for him, I asked him really alkward questions and before he could answer said" Now, PLEASE don't tell me I wouldn't understand because I am not Catholic, You are insulting not only me, but both my parents and my brothers", this stunned him (didn't get any apology though, I think he was incapable of apologising for anything he said )

The week after, surprise surprise, Kath's Mum got a phone call, we didn't have to go anymore to the "lessons" (he didn't actually marry us, a locum did as he was on holiday)

Fast forward a couple of years , we'd had Tracy, Kath's family wanted her Christened Catholic, my family wanted her christened Protestant , so to shut them both up, I announced she would not be christened at all to stop any arguments .

I came home one day to find Kath visibly upset , I asked what was wrong and eventually she told me her mate had come down with her newborn baby and when talking about christening, said they both should go to our local catholic church and inquire about it , she reluctantly went, knowing I didn't want that , but when there, the priest asked why he'd not seen her in the congregation and she told him she didn't really go to church any more , to which he said then, he wouldn't Christen Tracy

I blew my stack and after heated exchanges, it was agreed that we would have nothing more to do with ANY religion whatsoever .The only time we have been in church since is for funerals or weddings ....Tracy is ni her 30's now and I asked her last yaer if she ever wanted to get christened and she said "No"
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Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
I'm more interested/concerned with what safeguards & controls will be used to monitor/manage these procedures, more than what subjects any Church should or shouldn't moralise on. Although, I think, the majority agreed when they condemned the increasing number of people needing to use Food-banks in the UK

As I said in my previous post, I hadn't seen or heard of this medical development despite claims made that 'extensive public opinion has been sought on this over the last 7 years' Was it just me that this news passed by? (wouldn't be the first time, lol)


Church of England strongly against Britain’s three parent baby law
382 FOR v 128 AGAINST in House of Commons free vote to allow embryo modification to save children from the horror of mitochondrial disease. The bill must now go to the House of Lords where - despite the efforts of C of E opposition - I am sure it will gain confirmation.

I hope this is a great step forward. Of course there may be risks and problems we do not yet know. But we do now know what the risks are today; they are huge and deadly.

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