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Christmas parties/charity events
Christmas parties
Next week in Calis a few Christmas parties are being held in aid of the childrens charity Starfish.

Flash Hotel Calis: 20TL includes buffet and entertainment. 20th December 8pm

Susuz Restaurant: 10TL (purchase food from restaurant) entertainment, by local volunteers. 23rd December 8pm til very late or early) all proceeds from the door and raffles to go to the charity.

This is an excellent cause.

extract from Land of lights
Starfish children who all suffer from physical or mental handicaps.
The Starfish Centre was started 13 years ago by the wonderful TURAN family whose beautiful daughter was severely brain damaged by Rubella at the age of 1.
This family did not give up. They took Hale to Holland for three years of special therapy and she is now a happy and active teenager whereas previously there was no hope of her moving at all. This is the therapy now used at Starfish Centre.

Extracts Fig/fethiyetimes
FIG also sponsors the training of four children at the local ‘Starfish’ training and rehabilitation centre for children with special needs. This centre offers a high standard of training and rehabilitation and, in Turkey, is pioneering the use of horses as a therapeutic tool at their beach side centre where sea and sand therapy is also provided. FIG has recently helped them start a campaign – ‘be a friend of a star’ - to find sponsors for the very many local children who do not have government funded access to this type of training.

As FIG is run entirely by volunteers its expenses are nominal and all funds raised go to good causes, which include, new reading books and uniforms for school children, top up fees for medical treatment for children for items not covered by government funding, bursaries for university students and training for children with special needs. Donations of clothing to local poor and to victims of earthquakes and occasional one off payments for a verified need are also made. More information can be found on their website www.figfethiye.org


Christmas parties/charity events
Lorraine, thanks for a great post about some wonderful charities.
as Susan and terry said, this is what christmas is all about.
Sounds like some wonderful programs are being helped.

I miss you Lorraine..... :29: ...don't be a stranger!


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Christmas parties/charity events
Thank Terry Susan & pebble,
This really is a great cause, i am surprised that I could not find more information re this organisation, no website or much info in the local papers. The other cause I think the area should concentrate on is the orphanage, this is another that does not get much recognition. Maybe I should fit this one into my schedule (and I thought I had retired):wink:

After the festivities and Kurban Bayram is over I will try to collate more info, should keep me busy.

Here are a few photos taken earlier this year of the Starfish Centre. it is located right on the seafront at Yaniklar.



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