Christmas as a non-Christian
There was a nice little article in Hurriyet Daily News from Mustafa Akyol looking at how Islam and Christianity are so closely linked together.

It’s good to see him back writing for the paper again as he’s been away for the past 6 months writing his new book.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Antakya, the southern Turkish city whose name derives from the ancient city of Antioch. The latter, as New Testament readers would know, was a chief center of early Christianity. Evangelized by both Peter and Paul, the two main founding fathers of the new faith, Antioch was actually the place where the very word "Christian" was born.

Yet I was not expecting to come face to face with this Christian heritage of the city when I walked into the historic mosque in the very heart of Antakya's downtown. I was wrong. The first thing I realized was the unusual name of the mosque: "Habib-i Neccar," which literally meant, "the lover of the carpenter.

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