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Christians 'Allowed' To Say Allah
This was an interesting case and an interesting decision by a court in Malaysia recently.

I've never heard any Christian clergy referring to God as Allah before?

"Why are the Christians claiming Allah?" asks businessman Rahim Ismail, 47, his face contorted in rage and disbelief. He shakes his head and raises his voice while waiting for a taxi along Jalan Tun Razak, a main thoroughfare in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. "Everybody in the world knows Allah is the Muslim God and belongs to Muslims. I cannot understand why the Christians want to claim Allah as their God," Rahim says as passersby, mostly Muslims, gather around and nod in agreement.


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Christians 'Allowed' To Say Allah
Apart from the fact that Allah is an Arabic word for God and was in use for centuries before Islam. As Muslims don't they accept that there is only one true God ? Muslims call him Allah and accept that others "of the book" worship the same God. He doesn't "belong" to anyone.
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Christians 'Allowed' To Say Allah
Its always the same, extremists are news so our newspapers promote that news, imho i feel they cause a lot of harm.

The name of God? well there are dozens, all the same chap but so many ailiases. Jehova, Yahweh, Baphomet--all in the "Christian tradition". Factor in our bible being written in Greek Aramaic, the old testament most likely Hebrew
as is the Talmud, the Koran in Arabic, well lost in translation must be a given.

AS KKOB said, all children of the book, worshiping the same God whatever his [her?] name.

Disclaimer, I am a happy athiest who respects others beliefs.

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