child prosecuted
Heres a report in todays Bianet about another child in Diyabakir before the courts..not for stoning the police..but for promoting her Kurdish language.
İ think this is a case for the EU Courts to look at...and another reason for Turkey to get its act together and be fair to all its citizens if the ambition to join the EU is genuine.

01 September 2009, Tuesday

Ten-years-old child M.Ö. is under prosecution with Diyarbakır Sur District Mayor Abdullah Demirbaş by the local Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. M.Ö. is reported to give Kurdish lessons to other children at home along with the municipality's project "One story to each house" (in Kurdish: Sere Şeve Çirokek) which was launched three years ago.

Demirbaş supports the child for teaching Kurdish and denies the medi criticisms that M.Ö. has been used as a political tool.

"This is a distortion of events," he told bianet. "It should actually be emphasized how the mother tongue of the children is not being constrained. If everybody in this country was educated in their mother tongue, this child would not have been forced to turn her home into a school, nor would the municipality have to conduct such a project."
A shame to ban language and culture

In Interviews by television and print media the child answered in Kurdish, saying: "If they call me to court I will speak Kurdish again. Is it a crime to learn and teach my mother tongue?"

Ten-years-old M.Ö. explained that she tremendously improved her Kurdish by visiting the Kurdish Language Research and Development Association (Kurdi Der). Demirbaş supported M.Ö. by having painted the room that was turned into a classroom at the girl's home.
"Why is our mother tongue banned?"

M.Ö.'s mother said she does not know Turkish and that she teaches her daughter and her friends Kurdish: "Our children learn foreign languages like English at school. Why is our language banned? It is also our mother tongue and our right." Also the mother is going to make a statement at the prosecutor's office this week.

Together with the girl's father and mother also Demirbaş has been interrogated at the prosecutor's office last week. (EÖ/VK)


child prosecuted
The battle of ego's, pride and honour will ruin this country quicker than any war or recession, such a farce.

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