cheap van hire Antalya airport / Side ???

I need to hire a van for a splash and dash furniture trip I am planning in October.

I want to preferably pick up the van from Antalya airport and drop it back there.
Or hire one in the Side area.

I will only be in Turkey for around 4 days and therefore cant rely on any of the companies for delivery.

If you could recommend any good cheap companies who hire out vans it would be greatly appreciated.



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cheap van hire Antalya airport / Side ???
In general, you'll find that self-drive vans in Turkey are like hen's teeth. It's far easier to hire a man with a van.

However, you'll also find that shops are far more reliable with deliveries than in the UK. You'll often find that they'll have a van or someone they can call to do a delivery within hours of your purchase.
cheap van hire Antalya airport / Side ???
Thanks for the information.

Can anyone recommend a person that they might have used in the past?

We'll probably be going to the Koctas and metro stores in Alanya fro Side


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cheap van hire Antalya airport / Side ???
TheSpecıal - you really dont need to do that you know - I have 2 properties in Side and have lived here for years. Firstly - İ agree with above post - do not hire a vehicle - get someone here to help you instead - secondly you do not need to go to Alanya and Koctas or Metro Stores there - we have equally good places in nearby Manavgat that would deliver that day or latest next day. 4 days is plenty of time to do it all. İ suggest you contact Side Riviera Properties who have this service locally - they also do airport pick ups at just 60 uk pounds round-trip for up to 4 people at any time of day or night from Antalya airport to Side. They also know of excellent second-hand shops for furniture that looks as good as new and at least half the price. The couple who run Side Riviera Properties are English and have lived in Side for years and know all the best places for furniture and quick deliveries and any other shopping requirements you may have. Of course they have their own estate agency here too and are in partnership with a Turkish guy - so they have a wealth of experience for you. İ always enjoy picking their brains when we have the 50 minute journey from Antalya airport to Side éé Email them on ...

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