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Cheap prescription glasses
My husband says little but does find things of interest on the internet. On another forum (sorry) he found someone who had bought some prescription glasses from Hong Kong. Most definitely cheaper than Turkey and the UK. Less than a year ago we both needed new glasses and paid the equivalent of £350 for them here in Turkey. I have to say they were utter rubbish, my husbands have been back for repair 3 or 4 times and in the end we used super glue to stick the arm to the lens. Mine were so scratched and fogged that really they were useless. So for under £60 we sent our prescriptions and have just received 2 new pairs of glasses and have to say impressed. Ordered on 31st August, sent from Hong Kong on 10 September and arrived today. In case anyone is interested here is a link to their website:


Can only thoroughly recommend this method of beating the credit crunch.
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Cheap prescription glasses
Good link thanks, i need glasses very soon but found Tesco'e were £170, much too expensive for me.

Will give these people a go & see what happens.


Cheap prescription glasses
Does anyone know how much an eye test costs here in Turkey???

Will they just let you have the prescription so you can send off for these bargain glasses??

Hugs Maggie xx

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