Changing Tapu from Arsa (Land only)
Hi Celtic and thank you for your offer of help.

My questions:

What is the most recent law on Tapu. (Kat I and Kat M)

I discovered I only have a Tapu with "Arsa" land only. I have a Habitation Certificate. I want to have my house put on my Tapu but my builder and emlak say "no need to do this! They said the Council know I have a house. I said "but the Land Registery does NOT know.

Can I go to the Tapu office with a translator and deal with this matter,
What documents do I need to bring?

Thank you in advance.


Changing Tapu from Arsa (Land only)

Hi Samimi,

I'm afraid I misunderstood your question yesterday, pardon me.

The true answer of your question has been written under another topic by myself. You may follow the link below and ask anything that you are not enlightened in a new message.

I now have to leave due to an immediate business, will be back again.

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