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Changes at Aviva (Norwich Union)
Just had a letter from Aviva offering to make payment of my English pension into my Turkish bank in the local currency. This will cost me £2.74 per month and whatever the exchange rate is at that moment in time.
At the moment the pension is paid into my First Direct account (no charge) I transfer it to my Nationwide account (no Charge) I then withdraw it here in Turkey whenever I think the exchange rate is good. (no Charge)

I think this is a NO NO
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Changes at Aviva (Norwich Union)
Re: Changes at Aviva (Norwhich Union)

I had an offer similar to that from the NHS pensions people. It was a NO NO from me, too.

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Changes at Aviva (Norwich Union)
Re: Changes at Aviva (Norwhich Union)

We've Just Opened A Nationwide Flex account, And So far, My 2 (Measley, Thanks GB) Private pensions, Are Going In There, As Will be my State pension in a Few years, As Stated It's way Better To Keep It In Until The Pound-Lira Exchange Is Strong. (just My Opinion) Ted.

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