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Change In Quad-Bike Taxes
According to what's been posted on another forum by a member there has been a change made to the 6 monthly taxes on quad-bikes.

Their post is copied and pasted below but I cannot confirm whether the details are correct at present.

The Tax Office, in their wisdom, have now decided that all quad bikes should be taxed as 4 x 4 vehicles and are taxing them accordingly. They also want to backdate the tax to the date of purchase. This obviously means you will pay far more tax for the vehicle. They have sent a letter to your address but, like me, you may have not received the letter. If so, it will be waiting for you at the tax office. You can choose to pay the tax or, if you don't agree with the classification, go to Court.

If you have bought your quad bike from Erko motors (in Fethiye) then may I suggest you contact Ece Koylu, Advocat, who is married to the owner of Erko Motors, Atinc (pronounced Altinch) who will take your case to Court on your behalf for 120 lira, no fees involved just the costs of Court. If they win this money will be refunded.

They have also said that if you didn't buy a Quad from them they will also help you.

If you have a letter waiting at the tax office then you have one month to reply. May I suggest we all fight this as the costs of 4 x 4 car tax price is very high and, after all, this is not a car. Do you see many people wearing helmets in a car.

To all people reading this could you please pass on the information to all your friends who are quad bike owners, they may not read this. Thanks
The phone no. to contact is 02526123393


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Change In Quad-Bike Taxes
I must admit I wouldn't be sorry to see them go, or at least reduce in number. I suppose I am referring to the quad bike parades really.


Change In Quad-Bike Taxes
Please remember that not all quad bike owners are hooligans who drive like crazy fools not only on the roads but also in peaceful villages.
I am a quad bike owner - I wear a helmet all the time, drive sensibly and it is my means of transport to and from work and for shopping etc. When some car drivers and silly scooter riders see my long blonde hair sticking out of my helmet and realise it is a female on the quad bike, they think it is great fun to race me / cut me up / tail gate me/ race to over take / undertake and totally ignore any indicator I may be using. I am not sure what pleasure they get out of this, but it obviously gives them some kind of perverse pleasure.
I am not talking only of locals - ex pats are just as guilty. One female Brit ex pat lives half way down the hill and drives a 4x4 - she is a nightmare on the road, as is another Brit ex pat who lives in Ovacik and also drives a 4x4.
I do feel for the Kayakoy residents, especially in summer, but not all of us are bad quad bike owners - honest!
Basically the whole driving thing in Turkey is a nightmare.


Change In Quad-Bike Taxes
Does anyone know how to contact Atinc? He does not answer emails and the telephone number is not working.
Thank you

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