Hi all

My name is Jane as you can see i have used the turkish spelling (apt) i thought as i am now living in Turkey.
I moved to Bodrum in Dec 2008 with my husband Martin who you all probably know better as REDDERS .
He is always relating your news on the forum to me, so i thought it,s time for me to buy myself a computor and join in ( now i dont feel like a computor widow ( he he ). Well girls if you cant beat them you have to join them !!!
Although it's early days we are both settled and are very happy here. Of course we miss the children & grandchildren very much. But for them they say it is great as the can have lots of FREE holidays. (god bless em)
Well i will sign off now,will be looking on the forum most nights from now on.

Cheers all ceyn


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Welcome to the forum Ceyn. I'm sure you will enjoy it twice as much getting everything first hand!!!

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Welcome Ceyn, you'll become addicted, lol. Looking forward to your experiences living in Turkey. You lucky pair.


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Welcome missus !.Boy am i glad you've got your own laptop,you see guys since being in turkey i've not really taken to BBC Prime etc,so i tend to spend 3/4 hours a night online & getting it in the neck from jane,sorry ceyn! for being unsociable.Since getting her laptop she has been on it for around 5 hours each night.She says she's slow as it takes time to learn how to navigate around various sites,then i found her playing solitaire till 2 in the morning!?!.
Anyway love if you are too busy online to talk to me(we only sit 4 feet away from each other) you can always send me an email to tell me it's my turn to put the kettle on.

Love you lots,your cyber husband,

martin xx


Welcome to the forum and thanks for a lovely intro. I can relate to you both as my hubby is downstairs on his lap top, listening to the radio and watching sky sports all at the same time lol Molly
Hi Ceyn
Welcome to the forum.
Love the style " can't beat them join them"

Hope you sent Redders his email to put kettle on by now...... after all its thirsty work theis computing lark !!!!!



Hi and welcome to this very addictive forum, great idea about the 2 computers now that my hubby has found Facebook poker!



THANKYOU to all of you that sent me a welcome message. Enjoying the forum reads already plenty to catch up on


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