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For some time now I have missed Carolyn from the forum. I have just read a post on Facebook sending condolences to Carolyn Young on the death of her husband Mike. Hope I have the wrong person but remember her posting about her husband being in hospital.


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This is so sadly true. Carolyn will no doubt post a message on her return, but I for one have her in my thoughts.
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Yes, a very sad news, I know he was ill for a long time and Carolyn had been busy with that, my condolences to Carolyn and family.
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Carolyn we are devastated to hear this news. We cannot believe it especially after what Mike went through with the initial surgery and the later ones. To have suffered all that pain and to have this outcome is beyond belief. Sandra and I send our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. RIP Mike.


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Carolyn I offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family, you have been very brave in keeping most of the details to yourself. Few if any of us can be with you today at the funeral but I am sure in spirit you will have much support.

Time is a great healer and I look forward to your return to the forum when you are ready.


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Much sympathy and condolences to you and your family Carolyn

Martin & Linsey


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This has been a very sad day indeed. My condolences Carolyn, bless you .May Mikes soul go to heaven for eternal peace.


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Respects for your sad loss Carolyn , your friends on Tlf miss you and await the happiness you return will bring.

Hard times indeed

Best wishes , steve n Jackie


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Sincere condolences to all family concerned and especially to Carolyn herself.
She has been there for Mike, through every sad twist and turn of his long battle for recovery and health.

Sadly, he was taken far too soon, after suffering too much prolonged pain.

RIP Mike.

No more pain now.

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