Cargo furniture to Turkey?

I'm looking to buy some wicker like furniture for our apartment, however the prices seems to be expensive around Side where I have bought the apartment.

I am thinking of buying the items from the UK and Cargo them across.

Does anyone have any experience of this? - and what would be the likely cost od doing this including taxes?

Cargo furniture to Turkey?
I would have thought that if you saved anything buying furniture in the UK, by the time you had paid cargo that it would work out much more expensive than buying it here in Turkey.

Have you looked at the furniture at the Settee shop which is at the junction on the main road from Antalya to where it turns off to Manavgat? We bought a leather suite, small table and 2 chairs for the bedroom balcony and dining table and 6 chairs from there and we didn't think the price too expensive for the quality.



Cargo furniture to Turkey?
I hear the issue is at customs. sometimes shipments dont get through or the duty l;evied is very high. apparently you have to know how the system works to be successful

maybe others can share their experiences


Cargo furniture to Turkey?
This may be of no help,since I live in Marmaris........

But I used to live in Antalya,and do remember there being a lot of nice wicker furniture in Koc Tas,pronounced Koch Tash ( Turkish B&Q).

They do have an online catalogue but I don't know how to post that for you......

just a thought.



Cargo furniture to Turkey? have a really good website and you can access an English version. They have really nice garden furniture catalogue under GREENART. Hope this helps.

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Cargo furniture to Turkey?
You could try the big Metro in Alanya about an hour away also we saw a large B&Q type shop not far from their last time we were out dont know if they would do anything, there are also loads of wicker furniture shops all along the road from Side to Alanya, it might be worth just having a drive about see what they have on offer.

When we bought ours we got everything all our beds, wardrobes, sofas and wicker furniture the lot in the same shop a large furniture shop in Alanya which looking back was a mistake as although we had a good deal on house furniture which was made in the shop they obviously bought in the wicker stuff which after they had put profit on top was quite expensive, as I said I would just have a drive about and stop in the wicker shops on the side of the road where you can see they make the stuff and haggle.

Cargo furniture to Turkey?
Thanks all. Looks like i'll be better off buying the furniture when i'm next out in Turkey.

Thanks again for your advice.

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