Car insurance after a crash!?
I had a car accident 3 weeks ago, 100% the others drivers fault. They drove into the side of me and it is all caught on cctv. My car is a write off and at the moment I am driving a hire car which I have paid for out of my own pocket. The other drivers insurance says they will only pay out up to 10,000 lira(?) but my car was worth at least 15,000 and the driver says they wont give us any money because I have taken them to court over dangerous driving. I have had 2 weeks off work and had whiplash and am still in pain from my back and have had to have MRÄ° and Ct scans at my own cost.
Does anyone have any experience of this or trying to claim on insurance? The court case will apparently take at least a year and then I can try to claim some money back! What am I meant to do for a car in the mean time? Help!

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