Chris M

Chris M
Can't thank you enough Gordie
Hi Everyone
My trip in late June was a great success although very emotional. Thanks to 'GORDIE' ( you'll find him on here ), I managed to complete all the necessary paperwork ( in various locations and with various levels of complication. Without his help and knowledge I doubt if the process would have been completed at all. Not only that, he introduced me to a wonder Turkish man of much character, charm and influence in the local community. This meeting proved to be beneficial not only towards the sale of my property but also in finding another new friend. I cannot thank Gordie and Sadik enough for their friendliness, warmth and assistance. My property sold within days of my return at the price we agreed. If anyone in the vicinity of Gumusluk is struggling to sell their home, I can recommend GORDIE to help. He is trustworthy, reliable and also willing to take on maintenance work in the Gumsan community.
My dream has ended... for now, but I will not be a stranger to Gumusluk, there is many a Raki to be sunk and endless conversations to be had.


Going to get Thinner
Can't thank you enough Gordie
Good for you , at last , a piece of good news .



Can't thank you enough Gordie
Glad to hear some positive news. thanks to GORDIE. Havent met him, but seems like someone we all need to keep in mind.... having bridges in places sure comes in handy......

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