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Can't count to 20 anymore on fingers and toes
We went for our jabs today, straight into hospital, up a floor in the lift along to a room where we were seen straight away
small prick , hardly felt it......then downstairs to A+E to get my stitches out
went straight into a room,laid down and the young lady doctor got one out right away in my right thigh then another in my right groin, but the left groin was a bit problematic going deep , so she rang another doctor who examined it and said to see a specialist back upstairs
went straight in there and he examined it and explained to our interpreter that he would just cut it off at skin level and it would dissolve , as would the ones horizontally top and bottom of my navel
Got home after paying SGK on the way, all done and dusted for 10.20

Incidentally we have picked up good stuff to use for gashes etc
Iodine is called Batticon and they kept squirting a blood red substance down the deep scars which I was told coats the wound protecting it from infection..........................it is called RIF and comes in small glass phials
you have to cover the phial with a cloth and snap the neck off then either shake the red liquid all over the wound before dressing or go and get a plastic hypodermic with no needle from the chemist , suck the rif up and squirt it where needed
It is powerful stuff


The Carnwath Massive
Can't count to 20 anymore on fingers and toes
Ignore those from the east of the pennines Ted, big of mouth, short of arms and deep of pockets.

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