Candy Cabs
I was in Mancester on Tuesday, my daughter was a extra in a new series called 'Candy Cabs', don't have any details other than someone from Eastenders is in it and, it's based on women taxi drivers.

I didn't go on location, but spent the day with my grandson, going to the museum and cinema.
She was an 'extra extra, other than just an extra, strange isn't it, apparantly if you just walk past the camera your just an extra, but if the camera focus's in on you, your extra, extra.

Learn something new everyday.


Candy Cabs
It was filmed at the old Royal Mail Lymm delivery office, the windows were painted a shocking pink and I heard it's based on the pink ladies taxi service based in Warrington but i'm not too sure on that bit..

There is a picture in the Warrington Guardian but it won't be on-line for a few days yet
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