Going to get Thinner
can someone help ???
Can some of you very intellectual people out there tell me how i can get a medicine {it's in Spanish} into english. I tried that page transate thing but that didn't work.
The stuff i'm looking for is BLASTOESTIMULINA, it's for hubby Ian's stump when he gets a blister and it works wonders. Hope someone can help, thank you,

Jeannie :thanks:


can someone help ???
Hi its called Miconazole, the generic name.Just typed it in and that's what has come up, hope this helps. Jewel.


Living in Okcular
can someone help ???
Asian yellow-flower crowfoot is a plant which has been used for therapeutic purposes for more than 3000 years. Its main active ingredients are asiaticoside and madecasoside which give it a cicatrizing action as well as being a tonic for the blood. At present time, Asian yellow-flower crowfoot extract is indicated to treat ulcers, sores, scabs, and some types of burns. It is also used as a secondary helping agent to treat surgical wounds and to help skin grafts take root. Its use in the form of vaginal ovules make it be an appropriate treatment for some vaginal diseases. This extract is currently found in diverse medical preparations under the trade name "Blastoestimulina". Numerous studies are underway in the scientific field with the objective of discovering new therapeutic uses for this plant.

Hope this helps

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