Can I watch UK TV in Turkey
Came across this thread elsewhere on the forum, downloaded from it works quite well. Must bear in mind that with the basic 4 gig download TTnet package you will soon run out of download and be surcharged, having said that the maximum charge is the 'unlimited' rate of 45 TL plus 25% so max about 56 lire a month.


Yes you can!
No passwords, no log ins, no proxies just a Turkish IP.
Download and open the player, that's it, wonderful find.
Use LO speed in the channels selections unless you are lucky that is.
Fast speed internet will be a breeze, if not fastest speed then it's still quite good.
Beware adult content also.
Thank you S...MAN, hope you don't mind

FilmOn-TV watch live Television channels broadcasting TV on the Internet


Can I watch UK TV in Turkey
Hi yer

Don't understand why I am a new member with no posts, strange that I found good homes for our Kangal pups on this Forum last year !

Anyway, spoke to some friends in Dalaman and, despite being members of the forum, they had not come across this thread in the I thought it should be brought to the fore.

An excellent contribution to the forum !



Can I watch UK TV in Turkey
All you needed to do was post on the original thread and it would have taken it to the top again.Never mind and yes I do agree its a worthy thread and at the moment mine is still working.

Hugs Maggie xx

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