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Can I leave Turkey and return with my foreign car
Hi all,

I have recently extended my UK registered car stay in Turkey to be in line with my residence permit, I understand the car stay can be extended to a maximum of 2 years after which it needs to leave Turkey and I'm not able to bring it back (or any other car from abroad) unless I stay outside Turkey for 185 days. That's all black and white and very clear.

However when I asked at the Yeşilköy Gümrük Müdürlüğü (the customs office where the car stay can be extended) regarding exiting and returning with the car during the current valid visa I did not get a clear answer.
I was told that it's best to avoid doing so as there is a risk of the 185 day rule being applied on my return, it was the same answer by two employees one of whom was the manager and I'm just not satisfied with this non conclusive answer, I'm used to knowing the rule and not "maybe the rule".

Does anyone have information about this? It will be a disaster if I was turned away at the border and have to make the trip back to the UK.
I still haven't left but the plan was to leave Turkey for a couple of weeks around easter to have a car while in the UK and also to renew the MOT then return to Turkey but this has left me with a great deal of uncertainty so it will be good if I can get a definitive answer and maybe a reference/link to a official laws regarding this.

Thanks all in advance


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Can I leave Turkey and return with my foreign car
Muji....the guys were 100% correct,if you drive out of Turkey even for 1 hour,you cannot bring the car back in until it's been out for a minimum of 185 days,altho' if you do take it out you can come back immediately without the vehicle.

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