Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
If they ditch Corbyn by devious means they will lose street cred, if they keep him they will lose street cred.
The bigger show piece in my mind are these devious MPs going against the people who put them there. Corbyn is now becoming secondary, pretty sure he will remain an MP till he retires, the others will not.


Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
how much will the pay off be when he goes

He's probably one of the very few remaining MPs who would merit a good bung, some sensible comments but nobody listens to him. I don't see self serving in him.
They put him up as some type of joke, which to be honest has backfired.


Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
Forget Corbyn, he is only a member of the opposition, the spotlight should be on Cameron and what he is up to. The will of the majority of the people in Britain have voted to leave the EU. What this idiot is trying to do is get us back in through the back door. As Prime Minister he has resigned and should go forthwith, as things are he is a lame duck PM and is more likely to do damage than good. Also by remaining he leaves the cabinet in place until he goes. In doing so he has secured Osbourne's position too, who is likely to do more damage than Cameron.

Whether Article 10 should be delayed or not is a matter for those with the UK at heart but as Cameron has said he will only steady the ship until October, in itself it makes him ineffectual and simply a dead weight.


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Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
Corbyn should remind Cameron that he was elected with a vot greater than the Tories total party membership.

Let Corbyn's detractors stand and let us see whom the party wants.

Cameron will soon be gone and out if politics , his service to his constituents pales in comparison to Corbyn.



Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
The opposition has a duty to be a credible opposition not an unelectable one. If Corbyn was leader at the next election Labour would have as much chance of winning as they did when Michael Foot was leader.


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Cameron/Corbyn Question Time
Lets review the Tory contenders

Liam Fox has his hat in the ring

A reminder that he should more properly be referred to by his full title of “the disgraced former defence secretary, Dr Liam Fox”.

That’s because Fox, the MP for North Somerset and baffling darling of the Tory right, was humiliatingly forced to tender his resignation from the Cabinet in 2011. He was forced to resign because he had done a very bad thing. Fox should be considered, on any sensible definition, in disgrace.

And, asked this week if he would consider running again for the leadership that he failed to bag in 2005, Fox replied, without undue modesty, “Never say never”.

Well. Sometimes, actually, one should say never. This is an excellent case in point. Dr Liam Fox, the disgraced former defence secretary, should never be leader of the Conservative party. In a better world, in fact, he would never be allowed to hold another government job. Why? Because he was forced to resign from the Cabinet in disgrace.

Let’s remind ourselves what Fox did. He allowed his very close friend and bestest man, Adam Werrity, to take up an unofficial and undeclared role in which he attended meetings at the Ministry of Defence without first obtaining security clearance. Werrity had access to Fox’s diary, printed business cards announcing himself as his advisor, and even joined him at meetings with foreign dignitaries.

He seems to have all the qualities expected of a Tory leader, he regularly wears a tie.
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