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Camel Milk Anyone?
Please don't get humpy about this post heheh

'Camel milk could soon be on supermarket shelves in Europe after a Dubai-based dairy applied for an export licence.'


Can you get this in Turkey?

Camel Milk Anyone?
I love camel milk, it has specific taste, very useful, but dont think it is available in Turkey because turks seem not using anything from camel. Sure, I'd like to taste if there is any in turkish market at least for comparison.


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Camel Milk Anyone?
It's available in Eastern Turkey but you'd be hard pressed to find it over here in the South West.


Camel Milk Anyone?
I hear you have to wrestle it out of them. Them camels don't give it up lightly!! :D
Camel Milk Anyone?
We have just come back from Dubai and camel milk is the norm over there, the kids had milkshakes one day and when we looked at the bottle it was made from camel milk, they hadnt noticed until then so I think it must taste pretty similar.


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