Cafe Asiago
Just arrived in Yali and have come across this great Cafe which allows you to have a meal, snack, drink and log on free. The owner is called Mustafa Kemal which is surreal as Ataturk my sons hero is who he was named for. Anyway a warm welcome awaits and his coffee mocha is fab. This is a great way to spend a winter eve here in yalikavak as Alexhills doesnt permit use of their wireless router and Jordan thinks its a cool cafe it rocks.



Cafe Asiago
Hiya Sophia. Dont remember that cafe. Whereabouts is it in Yali. When we want the web we usually go to the internet cafe in the town. 1 ytl for 30 mins. Peter


Cafe Asiago
Nearly all the bars/restaurants in Yalikavak have free wifi facilities - including the Belediye Cafe (but that one is not 'secure')
Cafe Asiago
This is the cafe I mentioned back in May and Mustafa has now become a personal friend of ours. Apparently after me posting the details he has had a few of TFL members and their friends pop in. Wait until next year when he opens his comic strip part of the Bistro. His mom makes all the cakes there and they are sooooo good.
Hubby should be playing sax there again in January, watch this space


Cafe Asiago
hi all you can't miss the cafe its right opposite the new windsurfing monument on the sea front and yes the coffee and cakes are fab


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Cafe Asiago
thanks Yalides, I think a trip to Yali is coming up, I love the place anyway but combine that with a good coffee and cake...............fantastic


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Cafe Asiago
Called in at the cafe yesterday after reading about it on here. Mentioned to Mustafa Kemal, that it had been mentioned on here again and he was pleased about that, but not pleased that the secret of the spinach cake has been given out! LOL He said he wanted us to guess...
Anyway, the cake and the coffee were very good, definitely will be visiting again.

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