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Cactus Sales Boom Because of Radiation !!
According to the Oludeniz Post, cactus sales are booming because the plants absorb radiation!

Oludeniz Post - Cactus Sales Increase in Fethiye

Personally I think a certain garden centre owner has found a good way of moving some over-ordered stock. :wink:

The reply to a similar statement on Yahoo Answers was given by a Physics Graduate.

There is no harmful radiation coming from your laptop screen. However, lets assume for a second that radiation did come from your screen.

There are 3 things that are considered radiation:
1. alpha radiation
2. electron beams
3. light --- [x-ray, gamma ray, visible light, infra-red, microwaves, radio waves, etc are all the same thing just at different wavelengths.]

1. unless your laptop is radioactive, don't worry about alpha radiation
2. electron beams need a vacuum to persist, so as long as you can breathe, you have no problem.
3. light travels in straight lines. So unless you put the cactus between your eyes and the screen it could not do any good. And if you do, you cant see the screen.

So you see how the cactus cannot help you. It can absorb visible radiation (the picture you see on the screen) but then you don't see the screen. Instead, you will see the radiation coming from the cactus, meaning you see the cactus
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Cactus Sales Boom Because of Radiation !!
So!,,does this mean where there is radioactive fallout,there will be mutated triphid like cacti's flourishing in that region.
Blimey!, during the fifties and sixties has seen many nuclear bombs let off,but no mutated cacti's.

North Korea will now be inundated with cactis they will probably sell to the western markets.A clever ploy from the Koreans to boost a faltering economy

lt is another marketing gimmick to sell their products..


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Cactus Sales Boom Because of Radiation !!
Forget about radiation lets just think about cactus plants as a feature in your garden. I am not a lover of cactus but when we first moved here I started a cactus garden and now have one or two specimum plants. One is so tall that it must be over 12ft tall and is going to flower all the way down the stem this year and last year gave birth to a baby. Just lately have found a cactus nursery where not only do they have the most fantastic selection of cactus but they are really cheap. One we bought for 5tl saw exactly the same in Koctas for 29tl. After going to that nursery I have become a fan of cacti.
So for all you who live here part time and those of you who want to do the minimum amount of gardening these plants are ideal. With a bit of thought and design you can have magnificent plants that would be the envy of gardeners in the UK.




Completely Chillaxed
Cactus Sales Boom Because of Radiation !!
I used to grow cacti in the UK several years ago. I had over 400 different kinds at one time in a couple of greenhouses. I lost almost all of them to a heavy frost one night when the heater ran out of fuel.

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