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Buying Process
With all the nightmarish stories emerging similar to a domino effect pattern.Does make me wonder who to really trust to guide you through the confusion of the red tape involved while purchasing a property.
lt is open to huge corruption,where the client has followed what he thought were the proper legal procedures, and found out a few years along the line, the property has been seized from him from the loan lenders and creditors to claim back what is owed from a builder that has not payed the debts.

The tapu is the only legal document that qualifies for the ownership of that property.lf whoever's name is on that tapu,is the one that owns that property.By finding out whether you own the property that has been payed in full,is to go to the register office and see who's name is on the tapu.Remember you do not own the property if you do not have your name on that register for the tapu.
A signed contract does not qualify you for the ownership of that property.An sales agreement is only a signed bit of paper between the two parties of an agreed promise,it does not impart any ownership.

l have read a story from someone that had a nightmare experience of buying the property and was told to wait for the tapu,which was a couple of years.During that time this builder has sold the apartment many times over and also to other properties as well.He sold one to a Turkish guy and this guy had the right tapu within a few day's.The other properties that have also been sold many times over were bought from foreigner's and are now owned by other parties which do have the proper tapu.l heard this builder has made a cool sum of over 1 million pounds.
Please remember,while the absence of the tapu is open to huge corrupt exploitation.Never buy any property without the proper registered name on the list and also at all cost get a ipotek against the property and also get it notarized.

Also do you know that without the legal ownership papers you cannot expect a claim f insurance if the house is damaged in any way.l have noticed the insurance companies do not tell you this.So,why insure a property when you know if things to need to be repaired and you put a claim in,they will not pay a penny,because they will say you don't own the property.
TAPU..very important.lf you think tapu.then you will not get stung

This link is from the Turkish Herald.
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