Buying Gold / Cumhurriyet Altin
Can anyone tell me which banks sell gold coins by weight as investment? I know Vakifbank does, but where else?


Buying Gold / Cumhurriyet Altin
most banks will trade in gold as will good jewelers you can watch the daily rate on currency site
i bought ceyrek and yarım coins 2 years ago for about 48lirafor ceyrek and under a 100 for yarım coins..and they have doubled. i wish id bought more.
i buy from jewelers who sell Cumhuriyet Altını... 24ayar.
this is how most people save their money in places like antakya where i was living then.
İ used to send yusufs little bro down to the shop whenever i had a few lira saved..and they come in sweet little boxes !
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Buying Gold / Cumhurriyet Altin
Hi thier
when you buy gold coins from the bank they only give you the certificate for your purchase.
If you can go to Bodrum BoutiQue Jewellery shop they will help you. they have coins in the shop so you can see them.
If you would like to phone them first this is thier number 0252 3160624 / 05325221018 They are very helpfull.

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