Buying Coach Tickets in Dalyan?
Is there anywhere in Dalyan you can buy Kamil Koc(or other companies)Long Distance coach tickets,or will I have to go into Ortaca to buy them.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Buying Coach Tickets in Dalyan?
Not to sure about dalyan . But you can buy various tickets at the otogar / bus station Dalaman . The bus stations sell tickets to everywere . or you can go to Ortacta and then buy The next leg of your journey . theres coaches comeing in all the time ' Someone will help out soon .... Diane
Buying Coach Tickets in Dalyan?
There is a small shop next to the spice shop in dalyan (opposite Leons Bar) that books coach tickets for Pammukale Coaches but not sure about Kamil Koc. Obviously Ortaca bus station has all the operators there.

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