Living in Okcular
Buying a new car.
Please excuse this if it has been covered before, i have searched but couldn't find anything.

If I am buying a new car is there any additional costs to add on to the figure quoted on the makers website or are the prices advertised "on the road" with yabanci plates etc.

For instance I have been looking at either a Renault Clio and they give a figure for Anahtar Teslimi Fiyatı 24,450TL or an Opel Corsa and they give a figure for Kampanyalı Anahtar Teslim of 24,854TL.

Also are there deals to be had, I know they reduced the tax for a bit but I won't be buying just yet so that will probably have finished by the time I am.



Completely Chillaxed
Buying a new car.
You'll probably find that you'll have to pay extra for "Yabanci" plates and a notary fee.

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