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Business question.
I'm not one for writing posts on here but love to read them and keep updated on goings on,however had a quick question that I'm sure someone could help me with regarding business in Turkey.My wife is Turkish and we are thinking about buying a shop and starting a small business next year.Question is can the business be put in my name or not,seeing I'm English?I'm not a resident as I come and go from Turkey often(for the last 12 years) and just use a 3 month tourist visa.I don't live here permenantly.
Would it be much simpler to put the business in my wife's name.She doesn't want it in her name as this will affect her retirment money.
Thanks guys.



Business question.
Hi Jay Jay, sorry I cannot help, I am sure someone will be along soon to answer.
I would be inclined to ask that question of Cem (Celtic) our solicitor member on here, His rates are very reasonable for advice and I have used him myself and he is very learned and his English is amazing.


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Business question.
.. i would listen to the missus ..if you get it wrong she won,t let you forget it..:gulme:
Business question.
You can own a business as a foreigner, just can't work in it. You might find some more useful ideas at Türk Hukuk Sitesi - Ana Sayfa, a legal forum with a lot of threads in English. There's no obligation to be a resident, I'm also one who prefers to have a good excuse to leave every 90 days!


Business question.
But you cannot - last time I looked- be a Sole Proprietor or self-employed as a foreigner.
You can only be a partner - minimum two or more, in a company, therefore with your wife.
( Please dont get other partners!)
So an accountant may be the better authority on all that - and/or the SGK website/office - to ask if company partners can be retired, yet still work.
Depends on the business type too
Good luck

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