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Business Oppurtunity in Bodrum
3 apartments for sale (bodrum).

I am relocating to another part of Turkey so i am looking to sell my 3 properties in Bodrum centre.
They are ideal for somebody who would like to lıve here and have an income at the same time the apartments two of them are adjoining. So ideal if you would like to rent to friends an family over the summer months or if lettıng them on a long term basis.
One of the apartments currently has a tenant renting at the moment who has been there for the last 4 years and would be happy to continue renting from a successful buyer.
The apartments are all situated in the Yokuşbaşi region of Bodrum and have oustanding panoramic views of the whole region including the Castle and harbour right out as far as Black Island and the Greek island of Kos.
Just a short walk down into the city centre you are never far from the bustling lıfestyle in Bodrum but then of an evening you can sit back and relax taking in the views and sunsets which shouldnt be missed over this beautiful bay.

The complex in which they are located has 24 hour security and car parking. All the apartments come with fitted Water heaters A/C and curtains.

For any further enquiries please feel free to message me and i will be happy to tell you any further details.




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Business Oppurtunity in Bodrum
They look lovely when ım next ın bodrum ıf stıll for sale ı wıll get ın touch. Good luck ın sellıng.


Business Oppurtunity in Bodrum
Am I missing somthing here, not being funny but those photos would certainly not inspire me to take any interest in your properties, some external photos and views etc would be of more interest if your hoping to sell.

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