Burger King
Just been to Carefour and seen that Burger King is now open next door. It looks very smart and was quite busy, mainly Turkish people.


Burger King
It was on the verge of opening when I was there. I think P-t-p was their first customer, we kept walking past to see if it was open. :roundgrin


Let sleeping dogs lie
Burger King
We went yesterday for lunch - fabulous chocolate milkshake - yummy!!!! and a very nice Fish Royale.

All the usual burger meals - prices for bog standard appear to be 9.25TL for small size 'meal' (burger, chips, drink), 10.25TL for medium etc.

Ice cream window outside - ice cream cornet for 1TL

We were the only Brits in there when we went - everyone else was Turkish.


Burger King
OMG, all I seem to be talking about this evening is food, oh well !!! I do love it !!!!

Visited Burger King when in Tinky, really enjoyed it, as a rule BK and fast food outlets would not be favourites of mine in UK, but it is absolutely super it is there and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, the spicy chicken fillet burger is lovely, food is piping hot and it was so so busy. Not so many British I thought as locals frequenting it. Lovely to have the old comfort burger food if you take the notion and now all my visits to Carrefour will have the customary visit to BK also, well it would be rude, wouldn't it ???

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