burada = here, in here [lit : bura +da [in] ---> in here]
Burada kaç kişi var ? --> How many people [there are] in here ?

buraya = to here
Buraya gel. [ come here] Bura + y [buffer] + a [to] [lit: to here]

Buradan = Bura + dan [from] ---> From here
Otobüse buradan bineceksin ---> You will get the bus from here.

Buranın = of here [possesive]
Buranın yemekleri çok güzel ---> The food of this place is very nice.
[The food in this place [restaurant] is very nice]

Buradaki = the thing that is here

Bura +da + ki [that]

Buradaki arabalar yeni ---> The cars that are here are new.

- imagine you are in a turkish minibus [dolmuş] and you want to get off and you can say to driver ;

Burada inmek istiyorum ---> I want to get off [in] here.

- you want your friend come to where you are and you want to say ;

I want you to come [to] here ---> Buraya gelmeni istiyorum.

- you want to ask someone if what he is doing there -->

what are you doing [in] here ? ---> Burada ne yapıyorsun.

Bura ---> This form is generally used with adjectives [to describe the place]

Bura çok karanlık ---> Here [this place] is very dark.
Bura çok pahalı ---> Here [this place] is very expensive.

Buradayken ---> Bura + da + iken = while [I ,you,he,she,it,we,they] am,is ,are [was,were] here

While I was here --> [Ben ] buradayken...

While you were here --> [Sen] buradayken...

While he/she was here ---> [O] buradayken...
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