bulent ecevit
there was a massive turnout today in ankara for the funeral of five times prime minister Ecevit.
Mr Ecevit suffered a stroke six months ago and had since been in a coma. His last years as Prime Minister were marred by ill health..and he stubbornly refused to let the reins go...which led to a massive defeat of his party in 2002
Apparently the crowd at todays gathering was pro-secularist and when Mr Erdogan and other AK party members appeared they were booed loudly.
Many Turks distrust the AK party as its roots are in ─░slamic Fundamantalism.
personally i think that under the AK party's leadership things have improved...but..you never know!!
i once heard Ecevit speaking in English and was suprised and how fluent and cultured he sounded...but he had attended an English university.


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bulent ecevit
Hi Shirley,
Yes, yesterday there was already an post here about the funeral of Ecevit, MTC and Cirali said they had been watching it and were quiete impressed.... well Ecevit was a hero for the Turks (he invaded Cyprus, don't know if that was good or bad).
Didn't know he went to an English University and I must admit I'm not too keen on Erdogan (because of those roots), but you could be right that things have improved under his leadership, maybe this is also due to the fact of the efforts to enter EU, and I have the impression he is well liked....but he is no Atat├╝rk , lol

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