building update 5.2.10
Hi everyone

Some more pictures, work continues but I think a lot is being done inside the blocks as we have had a lot of rain over past couple weeks, also as you will see they have been busy digging out for the pool on Tekila, its looking good though isnt it.

completed block on tekila poolside.jpg from access road over small wall.jpg poolside tekila completed block.jpg

from access road side of completed block.jpg from access road over wall.jpg

The View of the pool area is mostly from the access road which runs between the villas and Tekila you can see that most of the blocks are well under way.
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building update 5.2.10
from the side road.jpg veiw through fence off side road.jpg
from main road.jpg from bus stop.jpg from bus stop2.jpg

I took these from our side road where the boundary fence is and from the front - there is one block at the front a set of 4 appartments with a fantastic view of the sea, its the only block which faces the sea and has full front view.


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building update 5.2.10
Hi Mo & Tom
Thanks for the updates. We are back over for 2 weeks at the end of June and can't wait.
All the best.
Paul & Di (Orkide E5)

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