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Buffalo Bill in Salford??
I remember when i was small, my dad telling me that Buffalo Bill had ridden down Regent road in Salford along with a load of Indians. Turns out he was absoluteley right. He brought his show to salford twice, camping on the banks of the river Irwell. Salford council ran a gas main and water and electric to the site. They performed on a site where the Lowry now stands in Salford Quays. Apparently, the reason why it's not over-documented, is, Bill was having a drink in a pub on cross lane (a main road in Salford). He got drunk and the landlord hailed him a hackney carriage to take him to his daughter's house (she lived in Salford). When he got there, he refused to pay the driver saying that he'd taken him the long way round and the police were called. He was bailed and should have gone to court, but was due to sail back to America, so the pub landlord went in his place and paid his fine and settled with the driver. One of the Indians, Chief red shirt, had his photo taken at a photographers which became a florists and was about 2 minutes walk from where i was born. This guy fought at the battles of little big horn and wounded knee. Bill left 5 Indians behind and today their descendants still live around the manchester area. Ted .Salfordonline Salford Videos
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