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Not to long a thread so please bear with me. After reading of Pebbles plight on the forums and the interest shown on them, it has got me thinking again about "The Bucket List" Those of you unfamilier with the term, it's a list of things you wish to do before you "Kick the Bucket"

When I got Cancer 6 years ago this term was unheard of to me and I didn't make one. However I've always had motorbikes and dreamed of owning a "Fireblade" which was a top dog in its time. I could never realisticly afford or justify one it was just a dream. The few weeks wait before the results of my biopsy was a nightmare but being told my plight was Earthshaterring.

It took all of 30 seconds before I told myself "Right where's the nearest motorbike shop" I had the bike within 2 weeks but it was quite a few month before I was fit enough to actually get to ride it. I honestly believe it was the best medicine at the time. Obviously I was determined to beat it for my children and family etc, but this selfish act on my part really was the tonic I needed and I rode around the world every night in my dreams ;)

It may be a world cuise or even try to climb Everest, but Im thinking something more reachable, a parachute jump, swim with Dolphins, see the Taj Mahal etc. After you've made the list. heres the good bit.

DO IT NOW? Why wait till adversity hits you, why wait till your told your going to die before you do that thing you've always wanted to do. Im in no saying having had Cancer was a gift, but it does change you outlook on life[for the better] and I really do love and live life to the full more now that before.
Promise yourself to do just one thing on your list this year, go on you know it makes sence. :smile:
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Bucket List
Uki, what a great post, I remember on one of our get togethers that we kind of touched on this subject. It was at that place in the oasis, across from the pet shop, with that one guy also from this forum, he was bald, do you remember? It was a fun afternoon.,

What you say is soooo true, why wait till you have something catastrophic happen, make a list and just try to do one thing at a time, one thing a year maybe.......

Would you believe, after I was diagnosed, i thought long and hard, cause my sister asked you have a bucket list? We had seen the movie last year, and we really enjoyed it, so i guess she wanted to make sure if i had one, that we do as many things on it as possible.
After giving it some thought, i realized, thast I had done pretty much everything i wanted to in my life. i have seen all the places i care to see (except the stans, but I've been watching enough documentaries and travel shows on them i feel like i have been there) i never had the desire to go hand gliding or jump out of an airplane.

the things that I do want to do.........

Swim with the dolphins (i always wanted to do that - just never took the time)
I wanted to empower the women and chidren of the east (delegated to TLF ANGELS)
TAKE A TRIP in a Winnebago.......(going to the Washington coast with Pete in his minniebago)
ride a motorcycle, I just want to feel the wind in my face, (well i wanted to feel the wind thru my hair too.....but thats not gonna happen this trip) and not a long ride either...just one block would do. Pete has a motorcycle, we will take a little ride this weekend. I was quite ready to ask a stranger in a parking lot to give me a ride in the parking lot, but now, i dont have to. see........everthing has just fallen into place.

And I have decided that I am going to turkey next summer, plnning my trip from now.....taking the whole family, my kids (of course) my sister and her two kids. and while there......I will hop over to that place in the bargylium area where there is a dolphin park...and maybe the whole family can have a frolik with the dolphins........

so there you have bucket list...............................

what are some others??????

UKI, what a great thread, I bet this will inspire lots of people to give a good thought to whats on their list that they can make happen.

thanks for your thought provoking thread.


Bucket List
Pebble and Uki, Ive always wanted to be able to play 'Blue Moon' on the Saxophone and sing 'No Regrets' in French. Lol :dance:


Bucket List
I remember our chat well, you were the first TLF member that Sheila and I spoke to and really looked forward to meeting up for a chat in the Cafe Bella ?

Bryan Seargent was the chap who we met on a later visit [ never took his mirrored sunglasses off if you remember] :(

I nearly posted this last night but I'd been out with a few mates and I was Wumbling my fords ;) It was over a drink last night that the Bucket list came into conversation and thats how this tread came about.

On my part I am riding to Turkey on my bike with 3 mates on theirs, Sheila is Flying with their partners and meeting up for a week or two. Thats the plan anyway [it's suprising what ideas you get with a few beers down you] Im calling round later to set the wheels rolling so to speak

ps Sheila don't know anything about it yet ;)


Bucket List
oh egads UKI, I would be worried about driving to turkey on the motorbike, you will of course be careful wont you. I bet sheila puts up some resistance. But as long as you guys are careful;......

You are right, it was the bela cafe, and it was bryan sargent, and yeah.....what was with the dark glasses......its all coming back to me............he was kind of funny.....and i dont mean HA HA FUNNY........

So when exactly are you plannng your motorbike trip...the plannig should be fun too. keep us posted...........


Bucket List
It has to be next year now [ we're flying out for 4 weeks in Oct this year ] I get a scooter when Im in Turkey anyway so I know the dangers, yes there are lot's ;)
Sheila's in Italy to see Andrea Botticelli sing so I've not told her yet, but she's a love and [shouldn't] mind ;)


Bucket List
Before i retired in Scotland i nursed the elderly who were aged from 70 up.They all gave me good advice about doing what you can before it's too late,you never know whats in front of you.Now i have been on a few cruises where i have dived and snorkelled in the Caribbean,swam with dolphins in Mexico,did a balloon flight in Cappadocia,tried water skiing(no luck),paragliding as well.Been to Oz 3 times.
Going another cruise in October to Canada and America so see what i get up to then,and no we are not rich,but as long as we have fairly good health we will travel.As the saying goes *There are no pockets in a shroud,you cant take it with you*These boots were made for walking :27br:


Bucket List
*There are no pockets in a shroud,you cant take it with you*These boots were made for walking

****HOW TRUE*****
Will you be coming to the West Coast or
east coast when you come over here?


Bucket List
oh iv'e seen that film! and too young to have one! hahaha

Good for you Zuberdust, I don't think you get the point though.

You say your to young? so was I, so was the 8 year old who went to Florida with the charity money we raised for her but never came back. I hope you live long and mature a bit, but believe me no-one is to young :nono:


Living in Okcular
Bucket List
You are never too young, we found out last night that our friends daughter has been given only 4 weeks to live......... she is just 24!!!!!!!!!!

She has been battling cancer since 2007 it started in her knee/calf and unfortunately was not diagnosed for about 6 months, the doctors thought she had a muscle sprain, by the time they started treatment it seems some of the big C had broken away and got into her lungs. It is a very aggressive type and there is nothing more that can be done.

She is being very positive about it and I don't know where she gets her strength from. She is organising her own funeral and organising which of her friends gets her clothes.

So you are never too young, live life for today for you never know what is round the corner.


Bucket List
John, The strength and resolve that these young people have is a lesson to us all. I spent a lot of time at Christies [ Manchester Cancer Hosp] and I was humbled by the young kids who had such a hard deal in life. It should have been the other way round, but it was the kids that showed me how to cope. Really insperational. ;)

Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Bucket List
In response to Zubers remark, "Too young"..
I've been reading a story in a local paper about an incredibly brave young girl,now aged 20.
Nicole Dryburgh,was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 11, and has since suffered a brain hemorrhage and a stroke, leaving her wheelchair-bound, blind and virtually deaf.

An inspiration to anyone so young in a similar predicament... this girl has never given up the fight and has since gone on to dedicate her time to raising money herself for various charities.

For anyone seeking inspiration here is the link to the article.

Young cancer victim launches fundraising appeal.


The Carnwath Massive
Bucket List
I am fortunate enough to have acheived most of my dreams, I think if I knew I was about to "slide off the plate" I would want to make a difference to somebodys life, or maybe a few peoples lives. The question has made me think ! but nieces and nephews forget it !

Bucket List
Thanks UKI

I always wanted to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland.

So a few months after my treatment finished, I set of for the weekend, and I climbed Ben Nevis. In terrible conditions and blizzards and white-outs at the summit. But I made it.

I now want to trek in Tibet. Who knows, I may just do it.

ps For those whose knowledge of geography is limited, Scotland is the country North of England, and Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK, (sorry about that it is just my humour):nono:



Bucket List
well hopefully i will live a long life till am old! i mean too young in that context! but if god has planned a very early death for me, then so be it? ill just live my life expecting to die old, but if the time comes, it comes, you will always go to your destined place of death, you cannot escape it.

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