British Woman Goes Missing
Yes bless her seems strange that she should be seen in a car with what appears to be a Turkish chap driving, unless of course she knew this person.If this was the case where could he have taken her without her having made contact .
I do hope she will be found safe and well.Hugs Maggie xxxx
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British Woman Goes Missing
Breaking news in voices this lady has been found.

Thank goodness
Hugs Maggie xxx


British Woman Goes Missing
Cig and a raki - please - 'Missing' Anne
Posted on Thursday, June 11 CDT by editor


oices Exclusive

A BRITISH grandmother who ‘vanished’ yards from her Didim home has been found alive – after she arrived back in a taxi with a broken ankle.

Anne Orvokki Garner had been lying in Kusadasi Private Hospital for FIVE days with the broken ankle – even though concerned police had checked ALL the region’s hospitals and all claimed they had not received an admission under her name.

Relieved neighbours and friends were shocked and stunned on Thursday afternoon when Anne – oblivious to the manhunt she had sparked – arrived home in a taxi and hobbled on to her balcony.

Neighbour Mandy Jinks contacted the Voices Newspaper when she spotted Anne and we alerted police to her re-appearance.

A Voices reporter and photographer were able to get to the villa before the police and interviewed Anne. With the media attention, Ms Garner said: “All I want is a cigarette and a raki.”

Ms Garner, aged 72, was last seen heading to a local shop a short walk from her home off Yeşilkent Road at about 8pm last Saturday (June 6). There were reports that she had been seen getting into a black Doblo – but this proved to be incorrect.

In fact what happened, according to Ms Garner, who is Finnish-born, but holds a British passport, was that she had actually gone walking with her dog Ollie and had taken a fall on rough ground.

She called out for help and a Turkish man who was passing called for an ambulance which took her to Didim State Hospital. It was there that she was transferred to Kusadasi Private Hospital where she then spent from Sunday through to Thursday having treatment for her broken ankle.

She said she had been released today (THURS) and taken a taxi drive back home to her villa.

When she was last seen on Saturday night, her friend Sandra Fradley, who shares Anne’s house with, had gone out on a night out with friends and had stayed overnight at a friend’s house before returning to the villa on Sunday (June 7).

She became concerned when she couldn’t find Anne and had called her seven times on the day. She raised the alarm when neighbours said she had not seen her and Ollie had been howling – something the dog never does.

Sandra said Anne had left the house without her mobile phone or any identification.

During the manhunt, Sandra told Voices: “It is so completely out of character for Anne just to vanish into thin air. She lives for her dog Ollie and is so besotted by it. She does not go out and is very much a homely person.”

Daughter’s appeal
On the day she was found, her daughter, Miss Seija Clark, from Peterborough, made a direct appeal to the public in helping to trace her mum.

Miss Clark said: “Someone somewhere must know something about her disappearance. She keeps in touch with a very close relative and they have not heard from her. So we are all very worried.

Miss Clark described her mum as a “little old lady who is very open and tells everybody everything. She lives for her dog and her home.”

“A good and loveable friend”
Anne’s close friend Mr James Waistell said: “I was quite shocked about the news of her disappearance. She has a great sense of humour, she is loveable. She is a fantastic person to know and love. She is happy at home in her garden and looking after and walking Ollie.”
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British Woman Goes Missing
that's a relief! the rumours made it all sound quite it that she is looking for raki :46:

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