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British woman beaten by Turkish ex-lover
BRITISH woman was beaten up by her ex-lover on Didim’s main street in broad day light after a row over cash blew up.
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Completely Chillaxed
British woman beaten by Turkish ex-lover
Blimey, you don't often here of Turkish men beating up women !!


British woman beaten by Turkish ex-lover
Not wanting to rake up any old arguement's but look at the age's. Woman 43, Lover 24. I know there are lots of genuine cases but this one sounds like a lot of the others were an "elder" usually British woman has been taken in by the charms of a younger predetor.
The beating as bad as it is, is probably insignificent compared to the heartbreak when she realised she'd be taken for a ride. I may be totally wrong but we know it happen's. :(


Nadine in disguise
British woman beaten by Turkish ex-lover
Well, I always remember what my mother usesto say : do not LEND money to anyone, just GIVE it...........:
1. you will immediately know if you want to give it or not, and what amount you want to give and you sure will not give more then you can afford (which means you will give less then you would lend)

2. you don't have to make yourself a fool by asking it back, and you will have a better feeling in the end, because you will not feel like you have been fooled

If often think about that, because this is so right.......

and of course Uzikook, I think she has been taken for a ride,......


British woman beaten by Turkish ex-lover
What ever angle its looked and and what ever the circumstances, at the end of the day the money is and never was the other persons and only a person of low character wouldnt give it back irrespective of sex, colour and nationality surely.A person who has a good character would make it their priority to return it.

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