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British Olives
I was surprised to see a few olives on my tree in the garden, didn't think they would grow in UK.


Stephen and Sarah Nunn are believed to be the first people to sell olives grown in Britain.

“We have had them tasted by an Italian olive expert who said they were great and praised the sweet taste and the firm texture,” said Mrs Nunn, a former piano teacher.

Mrs Nunn and her husband, a former office worker, quit their day jobs to branch out into fruit and vegetable growing two years ago.

As a result they have been nicknamed ‘Tom’ and ‘Barbara’ after the lead characters from the 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’ by their four children.

The couple, both 45, said sales of their produce at a local store were growing and they had had approaches from others. They are also in the process of setting up an internet site to help with sales.

“We have impressed ourselves really, because we weren’t even sure we would be able to grow them at all. It is a bit of an accolade to be the first growers to be selling English olives and it has taken a lot of experimentation to get here,” said Mrs Nunn.

More here: Couple are first to sell olives grown in Britain - Telegraph
British Olives
thats a big surprise to me too..i always thought that olives needed a different climate from the Uk...i wonder how they taste

fresh green olives have a nicer taste than when they are cured or pickled..or even when they've been left on the tree to darken.


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British Olives
Amazing what can be achieved and replicated by use of a greenhouse and the right amount of light!

According to that article in the Telegraph they seem to leave them for 9 weeks in brine after picking. May be worth a try even if the cost is 4 x (£3.50/100g) that of Mediterranean ones I'd be curious to test the flavour though not sure I'd be able to by them on a regular basis. Interesting.

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