British MP shot
Woman Labour MP stabbed.

I don't have any further information at the moment, perhaps people in the UK might know more.


British MP shot
Would it not be better for all to wait and see what it was actually about? Whether she was an MP or not, whether she wanted in or out of the EU, first & foremost she was a woman with two young daughters who are now Motherless.

Tragic doesn't even describe it.


British MP shot
There have been relatively few attacks on MPs in UK and in all recent cases the attacker has been mentally unstable. I reckon this person is probably one of these oddballs who will probably be found unfit to plead. We will all have our own feelings about that.
Maybe everyone will just take a step back and reflect a bit to give her family some space.
Her children must be bereft and so confused tonight, poor things.
Her husband has given such a dignified speech this evening, what a terrific example to us all.
RIP Jo Cox.

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