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Britain Plans to "Master the Internet"
"SPY chiefs are pressing ahead with secret plans to monitor all internet use and telephone calls in Britain despite an announcement by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, of a ministerial climbdown over public surveillance.

GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping centre, is developing classified technology to intercept and monitor all e-mails, website visits and social networking sessions in Britain. The agency will also be able to track telephone calls made over the internet, as well as all phone calls to land lines and mobiles.

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Source: Times Online



Britain Plans to "Master the Internet"
it will end up like all their other attempts at big databases - overloaded and of no use at all


Britain Plans to "Master the Internet"
Its existed for years anyway in Echelon and GCHQ, theyre just trying to make it legal now to go alongside the biggest DNA database in the world that the UK has too.

Im sure some people think that actual humans sit in front of the databases, they dont, MPP (Massively Parellel Processing) Computers cross reference data from the Number Plate Recognition Cameras to the DVLA to the Tax Office to your Health records to your internet browsing history, etc etc. The stories of lost data and incompetence are designed to make you think these agencies are so inept that all that data would be useless anyway. Humans havent been in the loop for a long time.

Interestingly I was reading an article yesterday about the new anonymity systems emerging for PCs that use Obfuscation instead of hiding data, the databases are designed to recognise and flag "suspiscious" patterns or searching and browsing so now you can get browser addons that send out thousands of random unrelated searches and web page requests in the background that is designed to disrupt any pattern recognition software while you get on with what you want to do without being watched (well, without being flagged anyway :))


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Britain Plans to "Master the Internet"
At least in the Uk we are honest about surveillance. If anyone thinks other States and very large companies are not doing it covertly, then my friend you are being had.


Britain Plans to "Master the Internet"
Sorry Steve ,we are not more open than any other country ,this first came to light when a high ranking public servant leaked the story to reporters/

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