Brick fitted BBQ
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer in Turkey.
Has anyone got a brick built BBQ on their balcony. We would actually like one built and fitted (we are on the top floor) but dont know how to go about getting this done. Does anyone know where you get them from and if so would they built/fit it for us. Also what is the cost of one. If anyone has got one, can I have your views on whether it is a good idea or bad idea, and fors and against. We let the apartment out during the summer to guests and holiday oursleves approximately 2 - 3 times during the year.

Thanks - Sue and Ken


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Brick fitted BBQ
Ours was built in by the builder when the apartments were first constructed.


Brick fitted BBQ
Hi Sue and Ken
I had my barby built by the builders on the complex had it done in marble looks very nice and would be something extra to add if renting out or selling it. it cost me £250 or 300 cant quite remember?
I was out 2 months last year and used it twice so not something I found myself using alot but maybe that is just me Im sure my parents would use it alot more if they were there.
I find the meat quite expensive also.
I have a duplex penthouse and it is on the top rear terrace, its caused no problems if you were worried about the weight etc. personally think its a good idea and you can get them from most building merchants. I normally see them when driving around or on a dolmus going places.
hope this helps
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