Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is breast cancer awareness month.

One of my cancer cyber buddies has put together a "wish tree" and I would like to share it with you all.

[ame=""]Pink October: wish tree on Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

Soo x

p.s. Hope the link works.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Rainbow thank you so much for this post. Too many middle aged women STILL don't have regular breast check-ups and pap tests (tests for uterine cancer) as they should. I see that most people on this forum are retirees so that means that if they are living in TUrkey, they should still get an annual check-up. I had mine done recently (mammogram) and will have the pap test done in March when that is due. There are so many people who could have been saved by early detection I don't know why they don't get this done (is it laziness or fear or false economy?) regularly.


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Girls, chin up, chest out, deep breath, get checked, good luck to you all.


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Thanks for sharing this Rainbow, it is such an important test to have. I've had 2 (ouch), thanks Akaysa (Steve), those were her very words, lol. 1 month after I was 50 and then again early last year for another of the "routine" catches within our area. Thankfully all ok.

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