Boris - Tories - What now?
It's just been announced that Boris's mother has died suddenly and unexpectedly. He might be a twat but I would like to think that I am a decent enough human being to be sorry for his loss.


Boris - Tories - What now?
Can’t she be both ?
She most likely is, but she is definitely a Yes lady. She gets sent to all the interviews to give her 100% support to the media and boy does she talk some crap, but with conviction.
I hope they are going to ask her about the Council Tax rises, which I have already mentioned. The PR machine is already giving snippets to the media to let us have a trickle in advance. Anywhere between 4-6 % is the word.
Around our way, the gullible who bought new builds which were already vastly over priced courtesy of greedy builders and Rishi's Stamp duty holiday are now going to see bigger bills.
I have noticed that a few recently built homes have gone for re-sale of late and the two things I note are that -
They are trying to recoup the original purchase price, with no luck,
When they do eventually sell. currently not purchased within two months, not like the frenzy last year and early this year, they will have been reduced.
In about two week's time, the September inflation figures will be announced. This is the month which affects the increase of public sector pensions and other matters in the following April.
We had a CPI of 2% in August, which many raised an eyebrow at given that most items on the CPI list had risen, fuel, food etc, and the thought was that a bit of fudging had been done.
If September doesn't rise, fudging is definitely present and if it gets to only 2.5% that will be holding back with a jump to 3% most likley in October, the month that doesn't affect pensions.


Boris - Tories - What now?
Folks I give you the British Health Secretary!
Sajid Javid says it's fine for Tory MPs not to wear masks in the Commons chamber because "they're not strangers"


Boris - Tories - What now?
As my energy supplier went bust yesterday, they sent us a nice e-mail and explained why.
In a nutshell the wholesale cost of Gas and Electricity has shot up inthe last 12-18 months, gas by 500% and electricity by 400%.
The smaller suppliers cannot afford to purchase it to sell on and we are going to be hit by big bills from a monopoly of about 6 big suppliers at this rate.
As I noticed last week on my trip to Hull to fly the drone from one side of the Humber Bridge to the other, purposely planned on a day when there was only the very slightest of breezes, the 45 mile journey took me past many wind farms, all doing nothing.
On the same day, the National Grid was struggling and a coal powered power station was put into action to add some electricity to the grid.
We are now told that when the evil petrol and diesel cars are eliminated and replaced by EV's, they are already admitting that there will be a proposed period of about 9 hours a day during peak times when charging will not be allowed.
While the muppets block the roads, China opens a new coal fired power station every other month.
I think this problem, aided by Boris and Princess Nut Nut and added to his current failures, might just be the straw that broke the camel's back.


Boris - Tories - What now?
Nadine Doris/// Minister of Culture this a joke ???

This woman retweets Tommy Robinson tweets , thinks what Boris said on Muslim women wearing burkas "look like letter boxes". wasn't offensive and he hadn't gone not far enough....

Thinks Brown women look the same.... Was against Gay Marriage.

Told Yasmin Brown she should ‘appreciate’ everything Britain has given her .Because as Republican Ms Brown commented on the overkill in the media on the Royal Wedding.

Shared a post on Twitter from a supporter of the far-right anti-Islam party, For Britain, bringing up a ten year old trope suggesting Muslim men in polygamous marriages can receive state handouts for each of their wives she took it down.

As seen in the clip she is a Hypocrite Pretending to be a supporter of Liberal Values ...such as Gay Marriage when she was a core supporter against.


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