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Boris - Tories - What now?
Oh dear

And yet......

Boris Johnson’s poll lead over Labour boosted by Covid vaccine rollout​

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The Conservatives have secured their biggest lead over Labour since last summer amid signs Boris Johnson is benefiting from a “vaccine bounce”, the latest Opinium poll for the Observer has revealed.


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Boris - Tories - What now?
Another Home Office disaster.
The conviction of 109 killers, 81 rapists and a man found guilty of both crimes in UK courts was not passed on to the criminals’ home EU countries due to a massive computer failure and subsequent cover-up.


Boris - Tories - What now?

LOOKS like the Tories are taking a leaf out of Turkey's AKP book .....

Levelling Up Fund The £4.8 billion fund will support town centre and high street regeneration, local transport.​

The priority will include the affluent posh leafy agricultural constituency of Richmond who the Chancellor Rishi Sunak's represents as priority no 1 but not.... poor Barnsley or Sheffield which is classed as a secondary in the priority stakes.

Richmondshire, a mainly agricultural area which attracts tourism and covers a large part of the Yorkshire Dales, is one of the least deprived areas in England, ranking at 251 out of 317 in the Govts own deprivation league .

Sunak's £1bn Budget 'town deals' will nearly all go to Tory constituencies​

In first tranche of towns fund spending, 40 out of 45 areas are represented by Conservative MPs

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Boris - Tories - What now?
I heard yesterday that the 'town deals' has included Wakefield, with about £25M and Castleford with I think the same.
Ironically, Wakefield now has an Asian male Tory MP after ousting the Labour MP Mary Creagh and the Fragrant Yvette Cooper MP for Castleford, Pontefract and Normanton only retained her seat with less than 2000 votes in what was once a very safe Labour seat.
I don't rate either place, but happen to live between them.
Maybe I'm being cynical but as Wakefield Council, covering both areas is Labour, is this a ploy to sweeten the voters at the next GE by being able to announce that it was the Tories who put money in both areas, thus attempting to keep the Tory MP in his seat and hopefully to get rid of Ms Cooper?
If they throw £25M into Wakefield, it can no doubt do something for what is a City with very few plus points, but Castleford will be a waste of money and it would cost less to set off a small thermo nuclear bomb (hopefully on a day when the wind is prevailing from the West).
For our part, we will probably have a couple of tubs with flowers displayed at the side of the main road so that we can look at them as we drive in and out of the potholes.


Boris - Tories - What now?
Whilst happy for the workers in the North East in securing much needed jobs, it was a cynical reward to the Tory MP in Darlington in it becoming the new 'Treasury in the North'

A disappointed Bradford West MP said "Bradford could have been the choice for the new Treasury North hub - redressing the impact of austerity"

" Yet whether it is PPE contracts or levelling up the north, it is becoming apparent that this government is more interested in helping their friends than this country."
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Boris - Tories - What now?
So just to be clear

According to Johnson and his cabal the nurses are worth clapping for....but totally worthless when it comes to giving them a pay rise

1%........ that's what they are worth

Not even a pay rise with inflation predicted to be 1.5%


Boris - Tories - What now?
In real terms allowing for inflation it is a pay cut. Taking into account that the government's offer will be decided upon in 'late spring' ie May, it is most likely that it won't actually appear in salaries until the following financial year -April 2022 and the excuse will be that the UK is skint.
I predict that nurses will be leaving as they already are, but won't be replaced with nurses as we know them. They will upgrade the skill shift of health care assistants, pay them no more and give them the duties a qualified degree educated nurse used to do.
If you didn't know, for the past few years student nurses had the bursary removed and had to take out student loans instead.
Their incentive to work for promotion was negated by the fact that if they passed the £25K threshold, not only did tax and national insurance take a proportion off as we all know, but the student loan comes into play as well.


Boris - Tories - What now?
1% £3.50 extra for an experienced nurse ? lucky if it would buy two coffees in London for that ... anyway it's lost both in inflation 1.5% and within in the rise being asked for in Council tax .

£3. 50 for an experienced nurse can you imagine the extra the cleaner or porter is getting pennies ?

A pay rise is meant to encourage people to the profession and to retain staff, this fails on both ....

Forgetting for a moment the travails this staff have been through in this Pandemic if that was possible ..... They were overworked and understaffed even before the Pandemic not helped in recruitment by the onset of Brexit were free movement of healthcare low income staff came to an end .....

This Govt is relying on loyalty and vocation, well I can tell you my sister a nurse her vocation is wearing thin, she has said it must be the only job where you actually pay to train, and then not valued or recompensed when you do .... She has said many older nurses are retiring early and then returning to the NHS through private contractors on a higher rate just to make a living wage and pay the mortgage ... Costing us the taxpayer more ... maybe that is the Tories game privatisation.

Ps Mushroom they say they are Skint , this excuse doesn't fly anymore ... as seen they are borrowing billions ,because they can the interest rates is minimal. At the moment it pays just 0.78% set interest for 10 years.... which then could be paid back as economy revives and by a grateful public and multinationals in taxes ...
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Boris - Tories - What now?
BREAKING News : Latest Tory donor list reveals more backers linked to Covid19 contract windfdall days

Globus Shetland owner donated to the Tories £10k- then won £94m contract

Efficio’s parent co. director donated £50k - then won £1.45m contract

Also- P14 Medical owner donated £7.5k and took a £276m winfall contract

Not bad investments GLOBUS rewarded only 18 days after donating to the Tories ........ Good investment if it wasn't they were being enriched on the back of a deadly killer Pandemic and on the back peoples tax payments.

Have the Healthcare Unions thought to donate to the Tories ... then they might get a decent pay rise for their healthcare members ? that seems the only way ...

.. https://twitter.com/allthecitizens


The Carnwath Massive
Boris - Tories - What now?
3 days after the High Court ruled Government had acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid contracts, Boris Johnson stood up in the House of Commons and reassured MPs and the public that all Covid-related contracts were “on the record”. However, the final Order handed down by the Judge today shows that what the Prime Minister told the House was not true.

The Judge confirmed:

“The Defendant has published 608 out of 708 relevant contracts for supplies and services relating to COVID-19 awarded on or before 7 October 2020. In some or all of these cases, the Defendant acted unlawfully by failing to publish the contracts within the period set out in the Crown Commercial Service’s Publication of Central Government Tenders and Contracts: Central Government Transparency Guidance Note (November 2017).”

Remarkably, the Judge’s Order is based on Government’s own figures – so at the same time as Johnson was falsely reassuring MPs, Government lawyers were preparing a statement contradicting him – revealing 100 contracts and dozens of Contract Award Notices were missing from the public record. You can read the final Court Order here and consequential judgment in full here.

Over the course of our judicial review, Government made no less than four attempts to provide an accurate witness statement setting out the number of contracts and Contract Award Notices that had been published late – and they kept getting it wrong. As late as the hearing itself, they said they had published 28% of Contract Award Notices within the 30 day legal limit.

But when asked by the Judge to follow up with evidence of the figures so he could make his final Order, it transpired that Government had actually only published 3% of CANs in the legal timeframe.

Government has not only misled Parliament and placed inaccurate information before the Court, it has misled the country.

Unless contract details are published they cannot be properly scrutinised – there’s no way of knowing where taxpayers’ money is going and why. Billions have been spent with those linked to the Conservative Party and vast sums wasted on PPE that isn’t fit for purpose.

We have a Government, and a Prime Minister, contemptuous of transparency and apparently allergic to accountability. The very least that the public deserves now is the truth.

Thank you,

Jolyon Maugham
Director of Good Law Project

I'm just waiting on Douglas Ross to demand Boris's resignation.

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