Border Collie Chaser Learns the Names of 1,022 Toys
Chaser, a 6-year-old border collie, managed to learn the names of 1,022 different toys, which is more than any other animal has ever learned and around as much as a child around the age of three would be capable of learning.

Border Collie Chaser learns the names of 1,022 toys | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

What remarkable inteligence, I can't believe it. Makes you wonder if a dog can actually think in a language but as they can't talk I wont know. LOL

Border Collie Chaser Learns the Names of 1,022 Toys
I read a recent report on the behaviour of Elephants.

They were given a platform with food on it. From the platform ran two ropes. If one elephant tried to pull the rope by itself the platform twisted and the elephant could not get the food. If two elephants pulled the rope, at the same rate, the platform came towards them and both elephants were able to feed.

The report included a short video showing one elephant going up to the rope and waiting until the second elephant arrived so that they could work together to get the food.

I think animals can be far more intelligent than some people give them credit for.

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