Book sale thanks
Hi, I'd just like to say thanks to all the people who came to see us at BITEZ on Sunday and hopefully went away happy with the books they bought. We met some really nice people, both from TLF and others. It was nice to put faces to names.
We will be doing another 1 lira book sale at BITEZ BIT PAZAR(boot sale) a week on Sunday 25th Ocotber(weather permitting),but if anyone would like to view and buy before then, just post a message and I'll give you my phone No. from which we can direct you to our home and you can choose books over a coffee. Still got more than 400 titles.
Nothing nicer in winter than putting your feet up with a good book and at
1 lira, it's cheaper than going out for a coffee.


Book sale thanks
Glad to hear it Cathy, the Sunday sunshine was too good to refuse a boat trip!
Will give you a call.
Book sale thanks
Hi Chris,
Hope you enjoyed your day out on the boat. I'll PM you my tel. no. just give me a call.


Book sale thanks
It was nice to meet you both last Sunday - hopefully you didn't have much left to carry back home again!

Doug & Mo

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